AUGUST 14, 9 am to 9 PM, at the National Art Gallery of Malaysia, comes a series of sessions on art-science/sci-art interface

Eksperimen Leonaro: Keprihatinan Terhadap Asia Tenggara dalam Desain Seni-Sains

Leonardo’s Experiments: Southeast Asian Perspectives in Designing Art-Science

This panel explores the artscience nexus through the process of play and experimentation. After all, Da Vinci’s work has all been about experimenting with the affordances found in the structures and mechanics of nature to invent representations of the world that would foreground the aesthetics and utility of these representations to our civilization – reality is given a fresh breath through the fictions of design. If Da Vinci had used his environment to conceive of possibilities not seen, this panel does the same by using Southeast Asia as a geographical focus, and an elastic consideration of play and experimentation as object, subject, and action, this panel explores the variability of play in the configuration of indigenous knowledge objects vis-à-vis global knowledge artefacts. This panel will bring together design in science education, art-science design, design of play and games, and design in the built environment to recalibrate and recuperate the meaning of praxis in the artscience context. This panel of four speakers will feature 20 minutes talk by each speaker, followed by 10 minutes of a roundtable moderated discussion, and 20 minutes of discussion with the attending audience.

Speaker Profiles

Wendy Teo is a UK ARB/RIBA Chartered Architect, Curator, Researcher and Tutor that sees embedding social-culture dialogue as informing architecture to be her ultimate pursuit. Across her architectural career, Wendy Teo’s projects were endorsed by a number of international awards such as Holcim Sustainable Next Generation Award (First Prize), Archiprix, Threadneedle Prize et cetera. Her projects was exhibited across UK, France, Germany, Slovenia, Turkey and Taiwan. One of the notable exhibition is 2013/14 Archilab ‘Naturalising Architecture’ exhibition curated by Pompidou Center director Frédéric Migayrou and FRAC Orlean Director Marie-Ange Brayer. Her works have been translated into varied medium and scale throughout her commitment with Foster and Partners, Bartlett UCL, Divooe Zein Atelier, Borneo Laboratory, Taiwan Architect Magazine, CanopyU and a number of workshops. In 2016, Wendy Teo founded the award winning Borneo Laboratory @ Borneo Art Collective to document tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Borneo. The group executed a number of impact driven art projects and their projects were featured in UK, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. In 2017, she founded her own practice Wendy Teo Atelier based in Borneo, which operates in cross disciplinary scale. 

Architecturally trained light artist, Jun Ong is best known for his work “Star” – a light installation spanning five-storeys in an unfinished building in Penang. “Star” was nominated for World’s Best in Spatial Art at the Media Architecture Biennale 2016 in Sydney. He has shown at major art festivals like Georgetown Festival 2015, iLight Marina Bay 2016, and Art Central Hong Kong 2018 and constantly looks at how the manipulation of artificial light could affect the way we experience the built form. He has collaborated with programmers, video artists, photographers and engineers in his multi-scaled works. He has also been commissioned by brands like Nike, Gucci and Heineken for bespoke light sculptures. Jun’s recent work is a kinetic laser light installation in collaboration with the Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore for the Artscience Museum and most recently, at the Science Centre Singapore. He is also the co-founder of the KL-based architecture and design studio, POW Ideas.

Ho Yi Jian is a research associate at Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia and a founding member of the Tabletop Games Designers of Malaysia (TTGDMY), a loose self-helping collective of inventors & designers of modern analogue games based in Malaysia. He recently curated an exhibition for the George Town Festival highlighting modern design principles in tabletop gaming and the community it brings together. Yi Jian previously was involved in the production of Kleptopoly (2017, published by C4 Center), and is currently managing a game design project for speculative design at Sunway University. His  game designs take inspirations from politics, history and current events.

Dr. Daniel Loy is a champion of holistic STEM education, advocating the need for a more scientifically literate society as a catalyst for sustainable and responsible progress. He has helmed various roles in the education ecosystem including 12 years with a local private science centre. With postgraduate degrees in education and an undergraduate qualification in design, Daniel also sees how art plays a powerful role in science and technology beginning with how we teach and learn STEM.  As the current Associate Director for Innovation and Capability Development with PurpoSE Malaysia, a social entreprise venture builder, and formerly the Vice President for Social Innovation with the National Innovation Agency of Malaysia, Daniel puts into practice how he believes impactful STEM education can shape societies for the better through applied innovation and focused problem solving approaches like design thinking, while not losing the spirit of discovery and play that is intrinsic to the learning of science. 

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